Releasing Ministry Alliance

Our goal is to help Friends live more fully into their leadings (ministry) by helping to solve some practical problems - namely, money and marketing.

Releasing Ministry Alliance will provide

  • Individuals and organizations engaged in a ministry – a centralized website to publicize the ministry and to crowd-fund resources; a community with whom to foster accountability, if desired.

  • Individuals and organizations wishing to engage the services of a ministry – information  related to a variety of ministries and associated contact information.

  • Individuals interested to support Spirit-led service by sharing resources – information about resources needed by a variety of ministries and mechanisms to offer those resources.

Releasing Ministry Alliance defines ministry as sacred service to which one is called.

Through Releasing Ministry Alliance, individual and organizational ministries can expand their reach.  Fiscal sponsorship will allow individuals and organizations engaged in all types of ministry the ability to obtain resources. Ministries which fulfill non-profit functions under United States Internal Revenue Service code are eligible to use our tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3)-classified organization.

Our start-up campaign page has updates on our progress and featured ministries.