Allison Randall

Allison Randall (NEYM) writes, "I find this Releasing Ministry Alliance extremely exciting. For decades I did Allison Randall's hands and sewing boxnot have the money to carry out my ministry, and was always so happy and grateful for personal donations or scholarships that came my way. I have always thought there should be some central way for Quakers who have plenty of money to hear about those Quakers who are trying to carry out a ministry and don’t have the money to do it. Releasing Ministry Alliance has now come up with a method in which to do just that!

"The soothing cloth toys I make and sell are well known at New England Yearly Meeting sessions, and have been available for sale also at a few FGC Gatherings. I decided to give a percentage of my 'take' at these venues last summer to Releasing Ministry, with a sign on my selling table proclaiming that intention, and a stack of the Releasing Ministry business cards there for people to help themselves to.  I figured this would not only help them with a donation, but also acquaint people with the project."

More about Allison's Friendly toys here.