Anna Fritz

Anna Fritz photo

Anna Fritz, cellist-singer-songwriter, as of 2/20/16 had 2 days to raise $3,800 and reach her $15,930 fundraising goal for her album of folk songs, many original. He surpassed that goal and went for the stretch goal of a music video for climate change. Anna says "Singing together casts a spell and makes a prayer. It sets an intention for who we want to be and the world we want to live in." Her producer calls the album a "mash-up between two worlds" - spiritual and activism. Watch her video and learn more about her Kickstarter campaign.

Anna writes, "I've been traveling and performing at Friends meetings and churches on the U.S. west coast and midwest for the last two years, including a tour in June 2015 that was partially funded by a grant from the Pickett Endowment for Quaker Leadership. I'm an attender at Multnomah Meeting in Portland, Oregon where I have a Spiritual Care Committee for my musical ministry. My membership is actually coming up before Meeting for Worship for Business 2/21/16 (Oversight has recommended my membership)."