Don Badgley

Don Badgley portraitDon Badgley, member of Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting (New York Yearly Meeting), travels among Friends with a minute approved by his monthly meeting and endorsed by New York Yearly Meeting. This summer, Don has been traveling among NYYM and New England Yearly Meeting Friends. He writes,

“My Minute of Travel arose in a call to help meetings refocus on and re-energize their Ground of Being.  For too long Friends have been more reliant on our proud history and the ‘Quaker brand’ than on the Source that inspires and enables the good works for which Friends are known.  In the past, that Divine Source allowed Friends to reach out to seekers even as they gently challenged those who contend that the only right way to God is through adherence to creedal, scriptural, and hierarchical authority. 

“Peace must first be revealed within ourselves and then shared through loving outreach.  Our simple distinctive way will be advanced by leading exemplary lives ordered in the Experience of God present among and within us - leading us directly.  Peace is accomplished by pointing toward the Divine Light and witnessing to its power as it transforms us.  We are not called to proselytize.  We are called to a ministry of Light arising in the Experience of God.  Such ministry is why our community grew in the past and, with Divine assistance, how we will grow in the future.”  

If your meeting would like to further explore Don's message, contact him at don51249 (at) aol (dot) com.