Mai Spann-Wilson


Mai Spann-WilsonCurrently, Mai Spann-Wilson has raised $3,500 dollars on Kickstarter to help finalize, distribute, and make music videos for his new album "Good Vibes Only." He has 14 more days, out of 30 ending May 29, to raise the full $7,500. (Kickstarter projects raise ALL OR NOTHING, nothing comes out of contributors' accounts until Mai reaches his goal.)

"Good Vibes Only" aka G.V.O (God Vs. Oppression) is an album that comes from the continuing support Mai has received from the community encouraging him to follow his dreams!

This inspirational album is a direct reflection of his work as an activist, healer of people, and artist who strives to transmute people's deepest pains into uplifting art. 

Since his last project, Mai has grown tremendously as an artist and the music on this album reflects that. A sample of his earlier work is Cold World.

Let's help Mai meet his goal and thank him for his strength and inspiration, by contributing to his Kickstarter campaign and inviting others to join us:

Mai operates U.A.F. Consulting, which is dedicated to serving youth ages 12-24 in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. His business has trained over 3,000 youth in conflict resolution and taught other workshops/ trainings, as shown on the website. In addition to his work with children, Mai designed and facilitated a four-part racial justice workshop series for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Young Adult Friends during 2017-2018. He offers one-on-one empowerment coaching and a series of workshops for meetings, universities, elementary/high schools, social service agencies, and hospitals. For more details about this Lyman Fund recipient's services, visit his website or contact him at