Martin Kelley

Martin Kelley wrote in a March 2015 appeal for QuakerQuaker:

"It's hard to believe, but this summer will mark the 10 year anniversary of QuakerQuaker. Isolated Friends had started blogging a few years earlier but the scene was exploding. It seemed as if some fascinating new blog started every week. And the aggregate was growing into something more--a conversation, a community. We were finding ways to talk about spirituality out loud with Friends from across the Quaker spectrum, growing in our own faith as we grew past stereotypes and built bridges.

"By the summer of 2005 the 'Quaker blogosphere' was getting too large for casual readers to follow easily. What grew into QuakerQuaker began as a daily index to the conversation.

"In the 10 years since we've shared over 3000 examples of outstanding Quaker writing. We've introduced and amplified many amazing voices to a larger audience and have become a great place for new seekers to listen in to the Quaker conversation.

"But the past never stands still. These days QQ editors share links not only to blogs but also to public conversations on social media, videos, and podcasts. We also have great discussions hosted on the site itself. Facebook and Twitter have made sharing easier but it has only increased the volume of writing and need for public guides for newcomers. More adaptations could happen: I would love to move the site over to a more stable platform but that would take quite a bit of time and some hundreds of dollars in expenses.

"QuakerQuaker has never had a steady source of funding. It's always relied on a culture of pass the hat. When my equipment died suddenly a few years ago, generous donations got a replacement. Thanks! Drips of donations each month have mostly covered bills. Thanks! But it continues to come in hand to mouth.

"The coffers are near empty again. Please consider a one time donation or ongoing month support:

"And while you're at it, let me know what you'd like to see in the coming10 years. The Quaker conversation continues. We can look forward to many new voices and new seekers in the decade ahead.

In Friendship,
Martin Kelley, host of QuakerQuaker"

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