Minga Claggett-Borne and Jonathan Vogel-Borne

Minga, Jonathan, & Jean ZaruWhat do El Camino de Santiago, Palestine, and Rwanda have in common?

Minga Claggett-Borne and Jonathan Vogel-Borne (pictured here with Jean Zaru, clerk of the Ramallah Friends Meeting) are traveling in the ministry among these places and peoples. Minga shares their experiences in her blog, Pedals and Seeds. An excerpt from her Jan 15, 2016 entry follows.

Ministry here in Rwanda seems quite intriguing. We work side-by-side with Rwandans, making sure that they are driving and directing. Jonathan is offering website expertise and I have jumped into numerous peace projects.

Jonathan finished a two-day training for 12 Friends teaching website design and development to Rwandan Friends.  All the participants were under 35 years old. Jonathan comes home at 5:30pm from the Friends Peace Garden exhausted, yet energized and with a sense of ‘rightness’ about his work. This group begins and ends with prayer, knowing this technical work is for “God’s kingdom on earth.”

I am scratching the field of peace activities: the ground is fertile. This week I worked with three projects: the Children’s Peace libraries, Help Increase the Peace HIPP Rwanda 2016 proposal, and Alternatives to Violence (AVP). Yesterday I brought one of three boxes of books from Cambridge Friends to the library and read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss to about 8 kids. David Bucura joined me and asked the oldest kid to help enroll other neighborhood kids in a peer mediation training to be given next week.

HIPP Rwanda is launching a hefty campaign to train 14-24 year olds in peace building. AVP is ongoing here in churches and prisons. On January 20, 21, and 22, I will be part of a team offering AVP to 20 people in Bugesera District, between Kigali and the Burundian border. Let’s hope I can rustle up a good interpreter since the training will be conducted in Kinyarwanda, of which I speak about 20 words. I fear that others will misunderstand. Please pray for us.

Mura koze. [thank you, in Kinyarwanda]

And here's a Youtube of Minga and Jonathan worshipping with Quakers in Rwanda.