Oasis Havening ~ for Emotional Equilibrium

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Working exclusively ONLINE as a PsychoSensory Practitioner and as an Ambassador for Havening Techniques® 
Offering Group Introduction Workshops, Demonstrations, and Individual Sessions~

Delia Windwalker focuses her work as an Ambassador for Havening Techniques®  through Introductions to PsychoSensory Self-Care practices.  

Her private practice focuses on clearing Emotional Traumas, Grief, Despair, Fears and Pain etc... by employing the Havening Techniques®. She acts as a coach by guiding clients to their inner wisdom thus lifting unwanted emotional burdens. As those limiting factors diminish, Delia acts intuitively to guide her clients to their inner healing wisdom thus living into their own desires and aspirations. She is inspired by Dr. Ronald Ruden’s research revealing the neuroscience of sacred and shamanic ritual healing touch working within the brain: Havening Techniques® (Havening).

Reaching for emotional equilibrium, Delia's practice, Oasis Havening, and parallel pro bono ministry ~ Feather Wind Wisdom, weaves this science of Havening with spiritual curiosity and compassion. Her personal journey with Havening has transformed her experiences as a survivor, to one of thriving on a mature healing path. In continuing exploration, she investigates the mystery and wisdom found in sacred stories, practices, and experiences of Earth’s indigenous peoples, and the spiritual paths found within us, along with the unfolding scientific knowledge of mind-body connections. Her current study with Nirohda Karma Healing informs emotional patterns, and the arc of one’s life, as understood in Eastern spirituality. Bringing many threads of personal experience to her practice, Delia provides an oasis from the stress, anxiety, and distraction of modern life and worries emerging from the spreading CoVid19.

Delia comes to Havening Techniques® from a seasoned career in non-profit educational and religious institutional advancement and constituent services. She finds herself engaging, often extemporaneously, in a range of venues as an Ambassador for the Havening Techniques®; her growing network of allies note this as her street ministry. More intentionally, she provides experiential opportunities for introducing Havening and broader correlating concepts of PsychoSensory Self-Care to online audiences. Her focus as an Ambassador is upon reaching audiences involved with caregiving and education: medical and mental health providers, alternative and complementary health practitioners, veterinarians, hospice workers, clergy/lay ministers, first-responders; and those addressing bereavement, supporting survivors, people in recovery programs and their families. Her event management experience, networking acumen, and buoyant outgoing personality provide curious audiences with a fascinating personal story and introduction to the Havening Techniques®.


Certificate ~ Center for Havening Research and Training, Inc

Center for Havening Research and Training, Inc presents
Delia B. Windwalker for completing the Havening Techniques® Certification Program
with recognition as a
Havening Techniques® Certified Practitioner.

November 2019 
Steven J. Ruden ICF/ACC Director of Education
Dr Ronald A. Ruden, Founder of The Havening Techniques®


Seeking audience cohorts for Introduction to PsychoSensory Self-Care online workshops. 
Audiences: Medical, mental health and wellness professionals, veterinarians, dentists, alternative and complementary practitioners, educators, clergy/lay ministers, hospice, grief & recovery workers, and first responders.
Anyone serving in an 'essential service' role during this CoVid19 pandemic will benefit from this introduction.
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