Oasis ~ a healing ministry of Floating Feather Gardens

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Art/Creative Expression
Body Awareness/Movement
Earth Care

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Oasis ~ INVITING Community Service Volunteers & WWOOFers to join 2019-2020 incubator work:

Design, plan, organize, promote, and host Earth connecting experiences for personal renewal, repose, and respite from worldly distractions.

Vision: Revise and establish vegetable, herb (fiber/dye plants) and flower gardens particularly in the hamlet of Great Bend, NY and the wider NNY area for sustenance, enjoyment, retreat, healing, hands on education, bionutrient Earth care, and vitality of our community life in love for Mother Earth. 


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Garden References - Road's End Farm Volunteer 2016-2018... and looking at 2019!

Road's End Farm Directors: Tom Woodman and Alicia Eitzman, will be happy to let you know about Delia's volunteer gardening work-ethic  promoting Farm Based Education in the no-till vertical garden and in the landscape perennial gardens at Road's End Farm a piece of heaven on Earth. Especially for girls and young women!
All the pictures herein so far are from 2017-18 Chesterfield New Hampshire


Pay-as-Led Donations: 2019-2020 Growing Season Incubator and Start-Up Costs for 14,000 square feet of deep prime organically managed soils.  paypal.me/DeliaWindwalker

Primary NEED: my body, God's temple that I walk around in, requires loads of self-care for surviving permanent disability Floating Feather Gardens is an answer to a lifelong calling ~ Oasis GARDENING is my Lifeline ~ I know I will meet others heading down the path of the feather with me. 

Cash flow vision:
$5,000 basic fall/spring needs for soil testing, seed, mulch, annual equipment and alternative agriculture memberships and conferences: NOFA & Bionutrient Food Association. 
+$10,000 for 1st season vertical-grow structures, fencing revisions, irrigation, amendments, perennial installations, workshop fees, educational materials, plant stock, greenhouse upgrade and tools.

As the ministry unfolds I intend on engaging other volunteer participants in developing plans for produce distribution, sponsorships, and a 'business plan' for local market opportunities supporting the vision of expanding the garden experiences with attention to Farm Based Education, Ethnobotany, 1st Nations practices, and the evolving nature of alternative paths for 4 Season Harvest, agroforestry, vermiculture, mushroom cultivation, and related activities in agriculture and horticulture for our short growing season location. 

Legal Consultation: 
Consultation on land leasing agreements, liability, gifting economy, DBA vs LLC, non-profit development. 

Rent: Oasis, the project of Floating Feather Gardens, is made possible by Sanctuary housing at the generosity of the host owners who welcomed me to this amazing 'farmstead/homestead' compound of market garden resources. I wish to pay the market rate for housing as the way opens: $1000/month. 

Practical and Prayer! As the gardens evolve I expect there will be numerous roles for joining in the expanding vision work. Will there be a non-profit? Does this a ministry continue under the care of a faith community? Would you like to be involved in a wider vision for Oasis as a healing Eco-Village hub for Earth care and Civic Community Development? What inspires you to garden or visit one, share with me?








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