Releasing Ministry Alliance

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Releasing Ministry Alliance is a website and a human network. Our purposes are to:

  1. publicize ministries and
  2. offer a platform to share resources which needed for Spirit-led services (ministries).

Through Releasing Ministry Alliance:

  • people offering Spirit-led services (ministers) can publicize their ministry and request resources to advance it
    (financial contributions, prayer support, accompaniment in ministry, and logistical support to ease travel);
  • people seeking ministry can explore and contact ministers; and
  • people wishing to support ministry can learn of and provide the resources needed.

Releasing Ministry Alliance is available free-of-charge to all these people.

Donations to Releasing Ministry Alliance operations are tax-deductible through Green Street Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (checks) and The Shalom Center (on-line contributions), both 501(c)3 not-for-profits. 

Mutual Accountability Group

Releasing Ministry Alliance is a project of both LifeCalls ministry and the ministry of Vonn New.

LifeCalls is carried by Viv Hawkins and friends, sponsored by (in Quaker parlance, under the care of) Green Street Monthly Meeting (GSMM). Vonn's ministry is under the care of Bullshead/ Oswego Friends Meeting of New York Yearly Meeting.

GSMM has appointed an accountability group which meets approximately monthly. Annual reports are brought for consideration to that congregation's business meeting open to the full congregational membership. The minute of religious service describing the ministry was approved by GSMM in June 2019 and had been earlier approved by CPMM and endorsed, in 2014, by Philadelphia Quarterly and Yearly Meetings.

The need for a separately incorporated 501(c)3 organization for Releasing Ministry Alliance is under consideration, while the website and human network grow and evolve. In the meantime, fiscal sponsorship is provided by GSMM (all but on-line contributions) and The Shalom Center (on-line contributions).

Viv Hawkins, Vonn New, Lola Georg

Minute of support for Releasing Ministry Alliance

This minute was approved by Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. Similar minutes were approved by various other congregations in Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting and by Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting.


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