Project Status

Releasing Ministry Alliance is currently raising funds to build the website applications and to establish the 501(c)3 organization to support Spirit-led service among the Religious Society of Friends and beyond. Details about our progress can bee seen at our start-up campaign page.

We've been honing the concepts that guide this project for several years.  In November 2012, we published an article in Spark, New York Yearly Meeting's newsletter.  This article sparked many conversations with Friends who were interested in the idea - both those who were excited by its potentials and those who expressed concerns.

At FGC Gathering in 2013, we hosted interest groups that included people in current and past leadership roles in several yearly meetings, people of various levels of economic means engaged in ministry, and people who are concerned to support vital ministry in the Society of Friends. Participants of a Philadelphia Yearly Meeting summer 2013 session interest group were enthused by and supportive of the project. These and other lively discussions helped season the idea further and left us feeling encouraged to move ahead.

A "Releasing Ministry" Facebook group has gathered a sizable group of participants who have been sharing information and forming a supportive network. Concurrent with our Releasing Ministry article published in Friends Journal, March 2014, we moved the project from exploration to action.

Our start-up campaign launched in spring 2015 to publicize the project further and raise funds needed to further develop the website and related channels, establish the 501(c)3 organization, and cover initial operating expenses

We are forming a 501(c)(3) organization to care for fiscal needs.  Several Friends bodies have minuted support of the project. We have had fruitful conversations with F/friends from many organizations both Quaker and non-Quaker to explore the fit between our goals and their missions and governance and to seek ways we might collaborate.  We need to have more of these conversations and welcome help in making that happen.

So far, Viv Hawkins and Vonn New have been volunteering their time to this project and between the two of us, we have a good portion of the expertise needed to implement the project.  Viv has expertise in non-profit administration and systems and several years full-time experience providing back-office support for an independent ministry using many of the technologies, processes, and principles Releasing Ministry Alliance envisions. Vonn is an independent developer of web applications who also has professional experience in non-profit leadership and messaging. Both have considerable experience carrying a ministry among Friends over several years, ensuring accountability of their respective ministries, receiving funds to undertake their ministries, and, therefore, know firsthand the needs that this proposal addresses.