Charlotte Fardelmann

Releasing Ministry Alliance is happy to announce that we were a 2014 recipient of a Lyman Fund grant.  We hope that Charlotte's story of supporting ministry as a mininstry in itself will inspire others.

It does not take a lot to release ministry. First one becomes aware of an inward nudge, a spiritual leading to do so. Second one asks for divine guidance. Third one begins with small steps and moves gradually as way opens. 

Vanessa Julye

This letter by Vanessa Julye's Support Committee illustrates one approach that Friends take towards supporting their ministries.  Releasing Ministry Alliance aims to be a tool for furthering this kind of support.
Dear Friends,
I write to you on behalf of Vanessa Julye’s Support Committee to ask you for a financial contribution to the Ministry of Helping the Religious Society of Friends to Become Welcoming to People of Color. Vanessa carries this ministry on behalf of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. 

Marcelle Martin

During my twenties, I searched for a deeper understanding of reality and discovered a Light that infused me and everything.  I learned ways to open to daily communion and communication with God, then began to teach others how to do the same.  Among Quakers I found a spiritual community supportive of someone receiving direct guidance from God. Soon, among Friends, I was traveling to speak at Quaker meetings, helping to convene gatherings on Worship, Ministry, and Eldering, and leading a class on writing a spiritual autobiography.  In 1996 I was a co-facilitator for a Pendle Hill weekend gathering.