Tom and Liz Gates

When Tom and Liz Gates spoke with me of their call to return to Africa, I asked if Releasing Ministry Alliance might help in any way. Tom said, “We can always use prayer.”

Now, Tom is serving as medical director of a rural hospital in Malawi with Partners in Health. Liz shares on Facebook snippets of their lives there. On Feb 19, she wrote, “The face of poverty can be heartbreaking. Tom has described his work here as grueling... My hope is that with time, effort and resources the system here can be transformed and all people will have access to the basic care they need. May it be so.” As Tom’s You Are My Witnesses Pendle Hill pamphlet is released, let us join in holding him, Liz, and those they serve in prayer.  Tom and Liz previously served at Friends Lugulu Hospital and among Kenyan Friends.

photo above of Malawi children by Liz Gates