Delia Windwalker  aka Feather


Delia Windwalker aka Feather, Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner invites curious open minded explorers to engage in Introductions to PsychoSensory Self-Care ONLINE workshops, demonstrations, and one on one sessions. Her professional career spans 4 decades of non-profit, government, education, and religious organization (Quaker, UU, UCC, & Episcopal) employment/service in institutional advancement, member services, and conference/events management. In parallel Delia has established, cultivated, remediated, and grown many kinds of gardens since 1978 in dozens of Northeast locations for family, friends, and clients. Her current Earth care project, while sequestered in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is creating a Medicine Wheel Garden Sanctuary for Healing during CoVid19. Her 'encore career' is as a PsychoSensory Practitioner and Ambassador for the Havening Techniques®. This rising vocation draws upon her experience investigating complementary alternative healthcare methodologies falling under the emerging neuroscience-based field of PsychoSensory therapeutic techniques. Her journey into PsychoSensory modalities, using healing touch, includes personal investigation, experience, education, and/or practice in acupressure massage, co-active coaching, energy modalities, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, meditation, Re-Evaluation Counseling, Reiki, talk therapy including dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), yoga, yoga nidra, neuro-linguistic programming, and most significant to her practice, the neuroscience based methods identified as the Havening Techniques® (Havening or HT) developed by principle investigator, internist Ronald Ruden, MD, PhD and his brother, her mentor, dental surgeon and coach, Steven Ruden DDS, ICF/ACC. Havening is a PsychoSensory modality derived from the founders' investigations into the neuroscience and neurobiology of 'healing touch'. It is also sometimes generically described as Delta Wave Therapy (DWT).

Delia Windwalker aka Feather's Ministries

Working exclusively ONLINE as a PsychoSensory Practitioner and as an Ambassador for Havening Techniques® 
Offering Group Introduction Workshops, Demonstrations, and Individual Sessions~