Viv  Hawkins


Viv believes we can co-create heaven on earth, when all of us are following our highest call. Since 2005, she has dedicated much of her life energy toward that end. Viv fosters faithfulness by offering spiritual, material, and logistical supports for Spirit-led services (ministries). She gratefully engages the LifeCalls ministry, which includes Releasing Ministry Alliance and teaching and writing on spiritual accountability. LifeCalls is under the care of the Quaker meeting of which Viv is a member, Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. She is deeply grateful to the many people who have accompanied her and whom she has accompanied in ministry. In recent time, that includes a group of friends dedicated to co-creating and sustaining racially just, multicultural faith community. She loves, supports, challenges, and grows with her partner, Lola Georg. She is employed by a Philadelphia not-for-profit advancing spiritually-centered activism, where she supports the ministry of Rabbi Arthur Waskow and the board of The Shalom Center.

Viv Hawkins's Ministries

Releasing Ministry Alliance is a website and a human network. Our purposes are to:

LifeCalls fosters faithfulness by facilitating spiritual and material supports needed to provide Spirit-led services (ministries). LifeCalls focuses on the following projects: