Vanessa Julye

This letter by Vanessa Julye's Support Committee illustrates one approach that Friends take towards supporting their ministries.  Releasing Ministry Alliance aims to be a tool for furthering this kind of support.
Dear Friends,
I write to you on behalf of Vanessa Julye’s Support Committee to ask you for a financial contribution to the Ministry of Helping the Religious Society of Friends to Become Welcoming to People of Color. Vanessa carries this ministry on behalf of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. 
Ten years ago Vanessa received a call to minister with a concern for helping the Religious Society of Friends become a more welcoming community for people of color. The overall vision of the ministry to which she has been called by the Spirit is to help humanity remember its wholeness. Vanessa’s work continues to be fruitful and Spirit-led, the results tangible and vibrant.
To heal the hurt of racism our member Vanessa has ministered to Friends internationally, during the annual World Conference of Friends and around the country. Over the past several years we have watched this ministry grow and deepen.   
This year we are trying to raise $1,000 for Vanessa’s ministry to cover the expense of Quakers United in Publishing Conference (QUIP) in Deerfield, MA and the Friends World Committee for Consultation in Sacramento, CA. Vanessa participates in QUIP where she feels led to share her leadings with fellow Quaker writers. As a representative of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Vanessa is able to connect with and minister to programmed and non-programmed Quakers, during the FWCC. 
Specifically, over the past year, Vanessa’s work has included speaking and leading workshops for various Friends schools, meetings, organizations, conferences and retreat centers. Venues include The Annual Gathering of Friends General Conference, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Pacific Yearly Meeting, Illinois Yearly Meeting, FWCC Sixth World Conference in Indiana, the White Privilege Conference in Wisconsin, and FGC Gathering for Friends of Color in Washington, DC. Additionally, Vanessa continues to do presentations on the book Fit for Freedom, Not for Friends:Quakers, African Americans, and the Myth of Racial Justice she co-authored with Donna McDaniel.     
Thank you for the generous gifts you have previously given and thank you for considering this appeal. 
Vanessa’s ministry truly speaks to a need in our religious society. While it remains important to celebrate our differences and our common humanity, healing from the hurts of racism and removing the barriers that unrecognized privilege constructs are essential to the wholeness of our beloved Religious Society of Friends. Your prayers, your participation and your financial contributions are all needed and most welcome. Your gifts sustain the work of this ministry and will ensure its continuation. Thank you again.
You can learn more about Vanessa’s ministry at
Yours in the Light,
Lynda G. Black
Clerk, Vanessa’s Ministry Committee