Victoria Greene and EMIR Healing Center

Victoria Greene photoAfter losing her son, Emir Greene, to murder when he was 20 years old, Victoria Greene (Green Street Friends Meeting, PhYM) considered her options: murder the murderer, take her own life, or choose life. Victoria chose Life with a capital “L.”

Victoria, her daughter Chantay, a cadre of volunteers, and a board of directors operate EMIR Healing Center (Every Murder is Real), a non-profit which serves and supports family members and friends who have been affected by homicide.

Having lost their son and brother, Victoria and Chantay know first-hand that survivors of a violent death need to contend with a totally different set of circumstances than someone who has experienced a “natural” death. They're combining their personal tragedy with years of training and professional experience in social services to serve others.

EMIR guides survivors through the many feelings that arise and the legal ramifications that are inevitable. EMIR offers concrete, practical, and compassionate steps towards healing such as dealing with grief and anger and contracting with funeral homes.

As underscored by this graph of the number of American deaths caused by gun violence vs. terrorism, the need is huge. But EMIR’s resources are extremely limited and stretched to meet the huge need. You can help by donating to EMIR here during their Thanksgiving fundraising drive. Or send a check to EMIR 5213 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144.

Victoria’s ministry holds a November 2014 minute of support approved by Green Street Friends Meeting and endorsed by Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting. Part of her personal story is told in Victoria’s 2014 FGC Gathering plenary and was offered as a powerful plenary during the 2015 Philadelphia Yearly Meeting sessions. A brief bio of Victoria is at this AFSC posting and her video is available here.