Zachary Moon

Congratulations to Zachary Moon (Camas Friends Church) who on June 29th became ABD, in his PhD study in religion and psychology at Illiff School of Theology. He also gave an inspiring author talk at the FGC Gathering.

As a Quaker and commissioned military chaplain, Zachary says, "Life can take some surprising turns! Growing up a Quaker, war and military service was rarely talked about without negative associations and judgements. As I got older, I felt I needed to learn more than what the political debate about war had to offer; I wanted to build relationships with those on the other side. And the more I did, the more I came to understand the complexity and importance of these issues. Ideological commitments and beliefs concerning war are valuable, but when they keep us apart, both sides are losing."

In May 2015, Zachary published Coming Home: Ministry that Matters with Veterans and Military Families (Chalice Press). The book can be used as a study guide for congregations. He says, "[It] is structured so that it can be useable in a variety of ways ranging from personal reading and reflection to small group discussion. Coming Home is more than a book; it is a call to community mobilization. Whether you are a veteran, military family member, or civilian, make room for opportunities to listen and talk with others in your community. These conversations are the groundwork for dynamic and powerful ministries."

Connect with Zachary at and follow him on Twitter @ChaplainMoon. He writes for Huffington Post and offers these pieces for our consideration.