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Erick Sifuna was orphaned at 3 months of age, and has lived his life without a Mother or a Father.

He has dedicated his own life to a ministry that serves uncertain children in Uganda with the support of members of his community, Uganda Yearly Meeting (Quaker). Erick is now running C.C.C.D.O, which stands for Care for Children and Christian Development Organization. C.C.C.D.O. is a community organization that shelters, feeds, and provides Christian education for fifty-seven uncertain children! Twenty seven girls and thirty boys are directly under Ericks care! Erick has a passionate heart for helping orphans, and the children of poor, needy families.

I have prayerfully discerned to both support Erick and help him raise the funds needed to register with the local and national authorities so that the government will allow C.C.C.D.O. to operate in peace. We are humbly requesting your kindness to help us in any way possible. With a Certificate of Operation in place, C.C.C.D.O. can then begin planning for a secure future of the organization, rather than constantly running under significant hardships.  

The benefits of registering CCCDO shall be that the organization shall be free to “officially” call on local church congregations for support. Also, they would gain the ability to seek government assistance for any emergencies. Beyond that, the organization shall have full security when it registers according to government policies.

Erick’s future vision for the organization includes purchasing land and constructing permanent buildings for the children’s residence and Christian education. Today the organization is renting space, which is expensive, and the landlord is now demanding rent to be paid three months in advance. The food stores are running empty. We believe that once the organization is legally registered, this will allow the C.C.C.D.O. to operate sufficiently, and Erick can focus on maintaining the daily necessities for the children: food, medication, and housing.

We welcome you to kindly stand with us and God Almighty will bless us all through this ministry.

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The number of children has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Erick is struggling to operate without being registered with his local district nor the national government. Erick has been operating illegally because he has not been able to raise the funds necessary to register with the local and national government. The immediate financial challenges include paying for rent, food, medication, sanitary items, bedding, scholastic materials, and clothing for the children. There are also health issues that stem from a problematic water supply. These obstacles are overcome through hardship by members of the local church. 

The situation with so many children has become very hard for Erick to continue financially managing alone. Erick has only two volunteer Caretakers for fifty-seven children. The Caretakers also have their own children with them and are also in need, so Erick welcomed them to work with him. On top of that, the barriers in operating without being registered with the government are significant; Erick is constantly being disturbed by security officials who tell him not to operate until they are fully registered. Erick is frequently interrogated by government officials as to why he is risking to operate without a Certificate of Operation. He often needs to pay costly bribes to security officials. $2500 is urgently needed to register this ministry at the local ($370) and national levels ($1700) and to cover three months of rent ($430), which is now being asked to be paid in advance.


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