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The EMIR Ministry Support Group announces the launch of the on-line School Supply Drive to help ensure families affected by homicide don't have to worry about school supplies when they head back to school next September.  

Our goal is to stuff new backpacks full of required supplies for over 100 students ranging from kindergarten through high school.  We know we can count on support from the Friends' community to show our support and care for children who are working hard to cope with trauma and grief.  

To donate on-line, simply go to the special webpage on the Green Street Monthly Meeting webpage: http://greenstreetfriendsmeeting.org/emir.html.  You will find 4 wish lists broken down by age groups (K-2, 3-5, middle school and high school).   Please include a gift note so EMIR can thank you for your generous support!  

You can also help by promoting the drive to family and friends.  To make it easy, you can share this directory listing, the link above, or simply send folks directly to the home page of Green Street Monthly Meeting where a link can be found on top of the homepage.

Last year's drive was an enormous success with thanks to many people who contributed and the families who received those contributions. 


Green Street Friends Meeting Support Group & Minute of Religious Service

The EMIR Support Group is comprised of 15-20 members of Green Street Friends Meeting who support the staff and particular programs of EMIR Healing Center. We use American Friends Service Committee's Quaker Social Change Ministry as a process to guide our work. Our Covenant follows. 

The ministry of Victoria Greene is supported by Green Street Friends Meeting, spiritual and financially, and blessed with a minute of religious service approved by Green Street Friends Meeting and endorsed by Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting.


We exist to provide energy, love and support to the EMIR Healing Center in its mission to support family members and friends who have been affected by homicide through concrete, practical and compassionate steps towards healing.

In this pursuit, we covenant to….

Who we are: Our identity

  • Be fully present, attentive and responsive to each other in manner derived from mutual love, care and respect.
  • Sustain a posture of action: Bringing topics of discussion and points of debate to a conclusion that can be executed today, tomorrow and in the short-term.
  • Maintain a commitment to supporting EMIR Healing Center staff and clients -- particularly its founders -- emotionally, physically, spiritually, and professionally.

What we achieve: Our internal strategies

  • Be responsible and respectful for each others’ feelings, thoughts and experiences. We practice patience and compassion when listening; we practice reflection and care when speaking.
  • Conduct inquiry in a supportive manner, cultivating a sense of wonder through questions that elevate our understanding of a topic.
  • Evaluate the results of our efforts, but never dwell on shortfalls, “could have dones” or “might have beens” - We focus on the future and analyze our process and outcomes solely to inform subsequent efforts.

How we work: Our approach

  • Follow the lead and direction of the EMIR Healing Center - We shall not impose changes or revisions to how EMIR works in pursuit of its mission, but offer solutions.
  • Adopt a strengths-based approach that seeks to accentuate EMIR’s strengths, rather than to fix its deficits - We are a body of support.
  • Welcome all who come to us, being inclusive of the diverse opinions, backgrounds, beliefs and missions of people and partners who can help us advance EMIR’s mission.
  • Observe deep confidentiality between ourselves, and between us and EMIR Healing Center.
  • Nurture and deepen the relationships between us through the journey of supporting EMIR Healing Center.

Why we work: Our vision

  • Lift the burdens on EMIR staff and clients, not add to them - We are sensitive to - and protective of - the demands on EMIR’s time and energy.
  • Provide direct service to EMIR Healing Center so that it can foster the systemic change that we wish to see in our community.
  • Advocate for EMIR through our actions, communications and relationships as we walk through our lives.

The School Supply Drive needs:

  1. School supplies (new) and gently used educational equipment (calculators, protractor sets, etc) as listed at https://greenstreetfriendsmeeting.org/emir.html
  2. Financial contributions to be used to purchase school supplies. Checks should be payable to Green Street Friends Meeting
    45 W. School House Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19144, MEMO: EMIR Fill A Bookbag
  3. Prayers EMIR Healing Center, its staff (including Victoria (Green Street Friends Meeting), Chantay, Miss Sharon, Yolanda, Mickyle), board, and volunteers.

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