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I work with plants for their Creator-given nutritive and supportive abilities, but it’s a bit of a misnomer to call these consultations primarily herbal— it’s more like an opportunity to receive questions about your health and self-care practices, and to hear yourself answer.

As a trained clinical herbalist, yoga therapist, dream worker, spiritual director and bodyworker… I *might* just have some suggestions, customized to address what comes up in our conversation (I will, actually).  I, and the plant-based remedies, breath practices, journal prompts, etc., that I share with clients, are designed to nourish and build your innate body-spirit systems. Together we talk about the rhythms of your days and weeks, the diets you have (food and other intakes), the ways and frequency of your movement, your sleep cycles and sleep hygiene, any diagnoses/meds (to check for contraindications with herbs), your hopes and more.

What you get: My undivided attention for 75-90 minutes. Seriously, this is the big thing, un-interrupted “me time” with an experienced practitioner who is committed to listening on many levels. We meet by video, so you get all of this from the convenience of your space. I bring every tool in my kit to bear on our conversation. For more information about said toolkit, poke around on my website, but start here: https://www.jennieisbell.com/herbal-consultation:-what-to-expect. You will also get a customized, written follow up with ideas, recipes, and inspiration to guide your explorations in herbs and self care.

Why am I offering sessions by donation and at no cost? Because this desire to encourage deep, connective self-care is ministry flowing through me, and it requires that I share it as a matter of faithfulness. And why herbs? We cannot continue to see ourselves as outside of nature and earth-- using plant-based remedies (especially homemade ones) brings us a step closer to our true connection with Nature. If you have resources to give in return, I will make good use of them. If you don’t have resources to give at this time, trust as I do that someone else does, and you are no less deserving of care because of your bank account. I mean this, every word.


As mentioned above, I joyfully receive but do not require donations in order to provide a limited number of these sessions each month. If you have resources to share, please donate! I track donations and match them against free services to support getting paid for my work. The more I receive, the more I can take time away from other paid work to offer this care.

I gratefully welcome your prayers for courage, faithfulness, and resources of all manner to support my living an undivided life (if my healing and spiritual care work could be my only work, I would be amazed and delighted to give myself fully to it!).

I also am looking for paid (or financially supported) opportunities to bring healing practices to individuals and groups. While I can and do this work in secular, self-selecting participant contexts, I really enjoy working in established, spiritually-grounded groups to explore foot-washing, healing prayer, gentle massage, dreamwork and deep listening.  I believe that bringing these embodied spiritual practices back into communities is powerful!


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