Ministry of Don Badgley

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Ministry of Don Badgley
Quaker Faith & Practice
Spiritual Practices

Don Badgley is a member of Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting in New York’s Hudson Valley. Supported by a Care Committee and a Minute of Travel, his ministry is centered on a renewed call to the Light. Though primarily for Friends Meetings, this ministry has also been well received by several other churches. 

For Don, the most significant Quaker distinctive is the insight that we, and all peoples, have the capacity to Experience the Divine Light directly. Twenty-first Century Friends often emphasize our testimonies and history without acknowledging the Source of those leadings.  The Truth of Experiential Faith arising in worship was the original power source that drove the expansion of Quakers in its first century. Loss of that primary focus has enabled the Quaker drift toward obscurity.   

With stories, poetry and worshipful group sharing Don encourages Friends to remember to reach toward The Light, to Experience that Light and so allow that Divine Presence to empower our meetings, our ministries and our labors in the world.        


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