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Ministry of Lola Georg
Religious Education

Lola Georg has been offering workshops on the Spirituality of Money since 2014. Workshop participants learn to develop a common spiritual language around monetary issues, and to understand how monetary choices are spiritual choices. These choices impact our relationship and reflect our values, whether we realizeze it or not. 

Common workshop themes include:

Money as Promise: Origins of money, family of origin messages about money, trust and the trustworthiness of currency, value of money, what has value, what does not have value, what do we have faith in, what do we not have faith in

Money as Relationship: Money as transaction, which means that there is a relationship – either between people, between a person and an institution, or between institutions. Money as a blessed transactions and representing right relationship between the parties

Money as Commonwealth: Taxes and tithing are was of providing for the common good, care for those less fortunate, sharing what we hold in common, biblical references to jubilee

Money as Obigation:  Debt, power structures around debt, debt forgiveness, biblical references to forgiveness and forgiveness of debt as a spiritual practice

Money as Investment: Moving our money into action by how we invest or divest in people and institutions, how do we put our values into action through our monetary transactions, do our current investments reflect our values?

Money as Accountability:  Review, reflection on how our monetary choices reflect our values, what is our sacred responsibility, and the right order of our relationships, budgets, financial statements, and audits as documents for spiritual reflection on how our money is used in the world

Lola is currently a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Philadelphia. Previously, she worked as a chief financial officer with several non-profit organizations. Her educational background includes degrees in business administration and psychology. You can contact her at (484) 324-8370 or LolaGeorgLPC@gmail.com. She usually responds within 24 hours. 

website:  Spirituality of Money


Ministry Report August 2017

Mutual Accountability Group under the care of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting with Viv Hawkins, Lynda Black, and O.


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