Ministry, Spirit-led service, is a vital source of life and spiritual nurture. It requires 3 types of people:

  1. Some offer ministry.
  2. Some seek it.
  3. Some support it.

​Together, they allow ministry to flow.

Whether a person travels under a concern, in the gospel ministry, or to be present with people away from their home congregation, they need others to release the ministry. Their travel requires supports, such as:

  1. Clearness to follow ministry
  2. Prayer and eldering during and between times of ministry
  3. Spreading the word about the ministry
  4. Calls to offer ministry
  5. Funds needed to engage the ministry

Releasing Mnistry Alliance facilitates the actions of 2 through 5 by connecting people who 1) offer ministry, 2) seek ministry, and 3) supportt ministry.  We hope to serve you.

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