Jennie  Isbell Shinn


Jennie Isbell Shinn, M.Div. LMT carries a ministry of embodiment and care for the overlapping edges of Spirit and Body for individuals and groups. She offers massage and bodywork, spiritual direction and herbal consultations (in person and at a distance), group- and individual retreats, and workshops for adults. She also extends embodied spiritual care to organizations needing to close the gap between their corporate spirit and the reality of things. This consulting aspect of her work is an outgrowth from 20+ years in fundraising, volunteer management and external relations. She has a special interest in working with small, big-hearted organizations that need help right-sizing best practices on a budget. Her formal training includes masters degrees in the humanities, and in Christian spirituality, and training as a spiritual director, yoga therapist, doula, Reiki practitioner ("master"), and clinical herbalist. She has been seeing clients for bodywork since 1999 (massage therapy since 2001). She has gifts for deep listening, framing questions, holding space for answers to unfold, and seeing the intricacies of systems. Her joy is in conveying her sense of the Holy Invitation to an undivided life to the individuals and groups she serves.

Jennie Isbell Shinn's Ministries

If your well of spiritual resources seems to have run dry… things that used to work aren’t working anymore…

If you want to explore new approaches to spiritual self-care and need encouragement…

I work with plants for their Creator-given nutritive and supportive abilities, but it’s a bit of a misnomer to call these consultations primarily herbal— it’s more like an opportunity to receive questions about your health and self-care practices, and to he