Briana  Halliwell


Briana Halliwell (she/her), is a young adult who grew up Quaker in New England Yearly Meeting. She seeks to defy the boundaries of the Quaker faith by connecting people to the root of the Spirit and helping them to reMember their place in the natural order of life. She helps to co-facilitate courses and leads workshops about healing our collective culture of separation to encourage individuals and communities to embrace the reality of interbeing and interdependence. She is a full time traveling minister and social justice activist standing at the intersections of climate change, anti-racism, and reparations. Zoli Kertesz (he/him) is a world traveler who embraces learning from new cultures and sharing the beauty of creating art collectively. He has a passion for solving complex problems and bringing people together through laughter and story sharing. Zoli is a dedicated activist who hopes to bring peace and healing into this broken world through standing in solidarity with threatened communities and environments in resistance to harmful development.

Briana Halliwell's Ministries

Will you support our dream to live full-time out of a converted school bus so we can be available to the movement of Spirit and go where our bodies will be of the most use in resistance to Empire?