John  Holliger


I hope that my photography begins a conversation between our inner and outer worlds. With several places to enter each photograph, the inward and outward journey begins each time the viewer travels the path within each photograph, seeing something more about themselves and our world, hidden patterns and natural rhythms we’ve been seeking, glimpses and clues that have been waiting for this moment to speak. I come alive walking the Lake Erie Shore, slogging through bogs and wetlands, learning the habitats of forests, mosses, and lichens, the natural geological history of dynamic locations, mountains, rushing streams, and meandering waterways. A graduate of Oberlin College and Yale Divinity School, I am an Episcopal priest who served parishes in forested Connecticut and glaciated Ohio for 30 years. Having laid down that work at the age of 58, I am a nature photographer, with an animated curiosity for how potters, painters, and poets approach their art. The natural world reveals her mystery and wonder every moment of the day and night. Capturing these hints and clues about our lives through photography is my joy in life. A retreat leader: “Praying with Icons,” “Elder Trees: The Poets and Mystics of the Forest;” “Kneeling to Drink from the Well, a silent retreat;” “Writing the Poem of your Life,” “Photographing at First Light, Dawn, Dusk, after Sunset, by the Moon’s Light.” A member of the Wooster Friends Meeting. A retreat leader Books include “A Month of Daily Reflections,” “In My Seventies,” “I Wonder…” “Beyond Words, When Words Fail, When There Are No Words,” A member of Wooster Friends Meeting.

John Holliger's Ministries

Thematic Fine Art Photographic Exhibits and Spiritual Retreats

1.  Old Growth Trees:  Mystics and Poets of the Forest.

2.  While You Were Sleeping, Dreamy Landscape

3.  The Four Seasons, metaphors for our lives