Wayne  Michaud


Wayne, and his wife, Ellen, are members of Sacramento Friends Meeting and have been residents of California since 2017. Prior to 2017 they lived in Vermont and attended So. Starksboro Friends Meeting for 18 years. Wayne Michaud is executive director of Green Driving America Inc., a California-based non-profit organization (with a branch location in Vermont) that advocates for and educates on clean transportation and transportation efficiency. In 2023 and 2024, the organization is implementing two funded projects: 1. The Clean Transportation Path: presentations showing high school students the benefits of smart driving practices (accelerate and brake smoothly, watch speed, avoid unnecessary idling) in gas-powered vehicles, and the benefits of low- to zero emission vehicles. This project is currently operating in Vermont. 2. Schools Are Not Drive-Thrus: funded idle-free schools campaigns that address the emissions, air quality and monetary impacts of prolonged, largely unnecessary idling that occurs on school grounds, especially during the dismissal period. These campaigns are student-led on the middle and high school levels and measure the amount of idling that occurs. New idle free zone signs are included. This project is currently operating in California and Vermont. Wayne and Ellen have one child, Matthew, living in Los Angeles. Wayne has also been a commercial and fine artist with a degree in Illustration from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

Wayne Michaud's Ministries

I am Wayne Michaud, executive director of Green Driving America, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization. My ministry is based on the advocacy I was led to—clean transportation and transportation efficiency—that will benefit people and the planet through carbo