32. Mutual Accountability Workshop contains information about Dec 5, 2020 Zoom workshop co-facilitated by Viv Hawkins (Green Street, PhYM), Anne Bayless (Green Street, PhYM), Lynda Black (Central Philadelphia and Ujima, PhYM), Lola Georg (Green Street, PhYM), Nikki Ward Mosgrove (Trenton, PhYM), and Sharon Mullaly (Green Street, PhYM), which is co-sponsored by Green Street Friends Meeting's Worship and Ministry Committee and LifeCalls; features ministries of LJ Boswell, Feather Wind Wisdom, Barbara "Shulamith" Clearbridge, Jennie Isbell Shinn, Eppchez, and David Albert

31. Faithfulness Groups Workshop gives details to livestream workshop of Nov 23, 2019 co-facilitated by Marcelle Martin (Swarthmore, PhYM), Lynda Black (Central Philadelphia, PhYM), and Viv Hawkins (Green Street, PhYM); features Eppchez' offering to help communities already engaged in confronting systemic white supremacy

30. Zoom Opps & Workshop announces "faithfulness groups" Opps call with Marcelle Martin (Swarthmore, PhYM), Benjamin Warnke (NYYM, I think), Lynda Black (Central Philadelphia, PhYM), and offers link for "Holy Abundance" recording

29. Upcoming Zoom Opps on NEYM Legacy Fund including Suzanna Schell (Beacon Hill Monthly Meeting, NEYM), Craig Jensen (Mondanock Monthly Meeting, NEYM), and Sarah Gant (Beacon Hill Monthly Meeting NEYM); on "faithfulness groups" with Marcelle Martin (Swarthmore, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting) - features Friendly Water for the World (David Albert)

28. July 10 Opps - "Under the care of" with Windy Cooler, Patti Nesbitt, and Joan Liversidge (Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting, Baltimore Yearly Meeting) - features Director Belize Friends' Center (Nikki Holland) and Spiritual Director (Connie Lezenby)

27. VideoCall Opportunities & Directory is Running - features EMIR Support Group, 4 Circles Beyond, Oasis Healing Ministry, Friendly Fire Collective, Exploring African American History in Ghana, and Quaker Family Life

26. Exploring African American History in Ghana and Launching - features Vanessa Julye

25.  Good Vibes Only and Beta Test Begins - features Mai Spann-Wilson

24. Great news! - includes website status, features WCTS Ministers & Elders Colloquium and Friendly Fire

23. Welcoming 2017 - features Valerie Brown and Eileen Flanagan

22. Sneak Peak of Releasing Ministry Alliance website - features Don Badgley and David Shen with Math Corps Philly

21. Celebrating Interdependence Day - features Pablo Stanfield

20. Support for and from Our Communities - features Quaker Women in Public Ministry Gathering and FWCC Section of the Americas' Traveling Ministry Corps

19. Watch us grow - features Paula Palmer's Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples and Friends United Meeting's funding opportunity

18. Abundant Blessings from Near and Far - features Tom and Liz Gates, Avis Wanda McClinton's concern regarding burial sites of travelers on the Underground Railroad, and Friends United Meeting's Africa Ministries Office

17. Our Heart Goes Out to You in Love - features Marcelle Martin and Anna Fritz

16. Vibrant Spirit-led Service Spreads - features Minga Claggett-Borne and Jonathan Vogel-Borne with updates on several ministries

15. Some reasons for thanks - features Victoria Greene of EMIR Healing Center and QuakerSpeak video on traveling ministry

14. Generorsity and Mindfulness - features Don Badgley on behalf of Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting and Amy Ward Brimmer

13. Thanks to you... - features Annie Patterson, Peter Blood, and their new songbook Rise Again

12. Promoting the Promise - features Zachary Moon, Quaker military chaplain

11. New VIDEO released! - features Unami Friends Meeting, Friends Rural Centre-Rasulia, Ekta Parishad, Bhimkothi village, and Friendly Water for the World

10. Winds of Change - features Bob Schmitt of Laughing Waters Studios

9. Spreading word of Releasing Ministry - features Friends of Jesus fall 2015 gathering

8. Three Faces of Ministry - features BD101-RACE with Niyonu Spann and Lisa Graustein

7. Our Purpose and Progress - features John Calvi

6. Nepal and the Significance of Ministry - features Evangelical Friends Missions' relief with the Nepali earthquake

5. Who's behind Releasing Ministry Alliance - features Undoing Racism Group events and briefly Beyond Diversity 101 RACE with Niyonu Spann and Lisa Graustein

4. What's up with Releasing Ministry Alliance - features Christine Hall and Way of the Spirit, Good News Associates, and Cathy Barney

3. Exciting ministries! And news about Releasing Ministry Alliance - features QuakerQuaker and Quaker Religious Education Collaborative

2. Happy Easter to you! from Releasing Ministry Alliance - features Vanessa Julye & Allison Randall

1. Some Exciting News from Releasing Ministry Alliance - features Charlotte Fardelmann


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