Train-ing; a one-troll-show

Created by : eppchez_175

Ministry of Eppchez!
Art/Creative Expression
Earth Care
Climate Change

Ministry Webform Master Node



This site specific play can be performed under any Freight train bridge the goes over a river. Is there a location like this near your Meeting?

Meet Hesh, a bridge troll with the ability to amplify the voices of all that matter that humans have so much trouble hearing. Hetch wants to let you eaves drop on what the natural world thinks of all this human made activity. Where the trains and pipelines are coming from and going to. The gossip and conflict where the natural and the industrial meet. Hesh has witnessessed everything here under the bridge and invites you to open your hearts and wminds to the earth's experience of humanity.

This performance should be sceduled to occur during a warm season. I will need atleast 7 weeks advanced notice to prepare the performance for your specific bridge. If you don't know of a specific spot in your area where I could perform I am very good at researching possible locations and could get back to you with some options as well.


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