Don  Badgley


Don Badgley has been an active Quaker for most of his life. Don’s ancestral family has been Quaker since the 17th Century in England and some continued as Quakers after the family immigrated to the colonies around 1680. His father George Badgley was a founding member of Poughkeepsie Meeting at its present location and was a “Recorded Minister.” His mother Winifred Woodruff Badgley was also a life-long Quaker with 17th Century Quaker Ancestry. Despite that history Don abandoned Friends for a period in his young adulthood. He returned to membership in 1986. Thus, as with most Quakers, Don considers himself a “convinced” Friend. At present, Don is a member of the Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting and active in the work of the New York Yearly Meeting. He travels under the weight of a Minute of Travel endorsed by his meeting and by Yearly Meeting. His work in the world is as an Insurance Counselor with The Northwestern Mutual and he is also a seminar speaker and teacher for the financial services industry. He is married to Tracy Badgley and has two daughters, Marissa and Alanna.

Don Badgley's Ministries

Don Badgley is a member of Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting in New York’s Hudson Valley.