Shulamith  Clearbridge


Shulamith is a member of Swarthmore Friends Meeting in Pennsylvania. She is an interfaith spiritual director, workshop leader, and writer. Shulamith’s first career was as a professional musician. That led to her discovering the power of music to heal, including helping people find spiritual solace and inspiration. Eventually Shulamith moved to direct healing through energy work, a scientific approach to laying-on-of-hands healing. Spiritual direction began for Shulamith as an offshoot of this work. Clients sometimes had spiritual crises related to serious illness or the death of loved ones. People also turned to her for hope in times of national or world despair. In January of 2017, she decided to fill out her training and offer this service more widely. Shulamith is the author of the February, 2023 Pendle Hill Pamphlet Plain Talk about Dying: the Spiritual Effects of Taking My Father Off Life Support, an op ed in Friends Journal also in February of 2023: “The Way to Peace,” and a book to be published by Barclay Press in the winter of 2023: Good Night: Interfaith Prayers & Meditations Before Sleep. Shulamith has an M.Div, for which her 1994 book, Finding God: Prayers & Spiritual Practices from Many Traditions, was her thesis. For more information about her work, please email or call her.

Shulamith Clearbridge's Ministries

No matter what is going on in our lives or in the larger world, there is a spring of peace, personal meaning, and joy
available to all of us through a relationship with God.